10X Radio

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A Pocket Radio that connects you to talks on Business | Career | Self- Development | Motivation


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Team Summary

Pradeep is a business-focused professional with over a decade of experience with progressive companies. He has considerable experience handling variety of work that includes using marketing research results to design and develop marketing plans, strategy, communication campaigns, customer service strategy and campaign implementation.


Product/Service Summary

We are the only internet radio station in India that focuses on broadcasting talks related to Business | Career | Inspiration | Self Development

Our shows cater to Students, Job Seekers, Working Professionals, Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Business Minded Souls

How are we different?

1. We are online, which makes it much easier for listeners to listen to our exclusive shows without any geographical constraints.
2. We are a blend of Live Radio and Podcasts and hence we take pride in creating PODIO industry. This gives the freedom to listeners in terms of choosing what fits them the best.

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