• Bangalore, India

Displays Everything On Sale Like A Fashion Website

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Team Summary

Shantanu Gera - 13 years of technology and ecommerce experience in top notch sillicon valley based start ups and Indian startups . Was always a star employee and was awarded as such on numerous occasions .
First Employee of Playgroundonline.com Founder of mybabycart.com - increased the revenue from 0 - 5 crore within a year .


Product/Service Summary

42ka1.in is a vertical search engine for products on discounts , deals, 1+ 1 offers or coupon offers . Our aim is to make sure that every product that is sold at a discounted price is on our platform . We want 42ka1 to be the biggest bargain hunting portal in the world

How are we different?

1. We showcase "products" on deals unlike other deal aggregators who just put up a link or a banner .
2. We are more like a lifestyle website where browsing products is an experience and our portal is able to replicate the experience of a top notch ecommerce website
3. Proprietary crawling technology extracts parameters like size ,age etc

Product/Service Descriptions