4R Recycling Private Limited

  • Bangalore, India
  • e-waste recycling, integrated waste management

4R Recycling, e-Waste Recycling facility. Call us -. we will make your e-waste disposal worthwhile!

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Team Summary

3 Founders:
Ramanathan Narayanan, 47, Chartered Accountant. Formerly with Tejas Networks (Last role: SVP - Supply Chain), Synopsys..
Gururaj N - 41, BSc, (Elec) , Formerly with Tejas (Last role heading IT/Infrastructure), Microland.
Dileep Kumar S - 41. BSc, Formerly at Duron Energy (Last role - head of operations/sourcing), BA Systems.


Product/Service Summary

India generates ~ 12 MT of e-waste/year. Formal recycling at ~10-15%
We are setting up an end-to-end e-waste recycling facility to handle ALL type of electrical and e-waste..
Current capacity to process upto 1500 MT of e-waste annually. Licensed by KSPCB.
10000 sft leased facility at Peenya, Bangalore. Working on precious at metal extraction.

How are we different?

~ 85-90% of e-waste recycling happens in informal sector; in the open in unsafe conditions causing health & environment hazards.
Formal licensed recycling capacity in India is around 30%, but under-utilised.
Large scope for formal players.
Even among formal players end-to-end recycling facility like us are around 10 in India.

Product/Service Descriptions