EV Conversion

  • Bangalore, India
  • Energy & SustainabilityClean Tech, Automotive, Energy

My venture will help reducing fuel consumption and pollution and saving money significantly.


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Team Summary

Right now I am the only one into this. But as I get investment I will take in people for
1. Electrical Expert
2. Mechanical expert
3. ECE expert and computer science expert.
4. Marketing Expert


Product/Service Summary

I will be converting ICE vehicle into Electric vehicles with better mileage and performance. There are many used vehicle in the country whose valuation is very less and most of them are dumped. I can convert them and other vehicles into battery operated vehicles which are environmental friendly and efficient than ICE vehicles.

How are we different?

My competitors in this field either manufacture electric cars or electric bikes. The cars which are manufactured are either very costly or if cheap are compact and space crunched.
I will provide the customers the same car which they are using now, with the same driving experience and passenger and boot space with better performance and mileage.

Product/Service Descriptions