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Its an City base socializing platform which helps its users to book city events,connect with city people & get city specific news via an app

Early Revenues

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Team Summary

Being the soul of beingsocial I am handling all the stuffs needed to bring beingsocial into the hands of every youngster out there.
I & Manish Nath (a experienced web site & android developer) are handling the tech stuff of beingsocial.
We have made the beta version of beingsocial app.
Survey done so far has proved our concept of BeingSocial . "What youngsters want & what we think youngsters want are converging"
My sister & brother-in-law is from iit Bombay so I am in touch with experienced startup running people.
Many people from iitb, iitd, iitj are willing to be a part of this cool concept but the shortage of money is stopping me from bringing them on board.


Founding Team

Anil Suthar

Founder, CEO, android developer

CEO @ BeingSocial, Structural Engineer @ Incube Design Group


BeingSocial (2016 - present)

Incube Design Group (2015 - 2015)
Structural Engineer


MBM Engineering college
Engineer’s Degree • 2015 - 2017

Central Academy School

Mentors & Advisors

Riya Suthar

Riya Suthar


Team Members

Manish Nath

Manish Nath

Tech Head

Product/Service Summary

We at Being Social have taken up the challenge of solving the social & networking problems faced by many youngsters in their Own City. The problem arises due to lack of appropriate platform, social circles or events via which everybody could come all together and get a chance to interact with the people around them. Knowing these social problems faced by individuals, we are conducting a survey.
We all use the result of this survey to provide a solution to the above problem via an app called “BeingSocial” in addition to this we all provide a local “BeingSocial club” or parties where people will find an environment where they can easily socialize.

Product/Service Descriptions