Boulangerie & Co.

  • Kolkata, India
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Boulangerie & Co. the sweet tooth doctor.


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Team Summary

Siddhant Jaiswal - A sixteen year old student of commerce. Yes, a sixteen year old with high aims and imagination. Huge attraction towards business which leads to an innovative idea as well as innovative further processes.
Age does not act as a barrier. Please judge me on the basis of my pitchdeck and my idea and let not my age be a restriction.


Founding Team

Siddhant Jaiswal


Product/Service Summary

Boulangerie & Co. is the ultimate destination to satify the sweet tooth needs. Now the problem, India is a growing economy and with the growth in economy the peices are also rising but the fixed income group or the middle class society actually is suffering. Boulangerie is focused on cookies and other moreish to eat items. In india we have many cookie companies but they sell the same old flavours,and if there are someone else selling something exotic flavored then they charge tremendous prices which makes it impossible for the middle class society to afford them and their sweet tooth need remains unsatisfied. No speaking about the solution, Boulangerie & Co. aims to provide exotic and the best of the best twisted flavours to the public at an affordable cost. Our product has a high benefits which are described in brief in the pitchdeck. Boulangerie not only stops at cookies but also aims for many other moreish to eat items.

Product/Service Descriptions