Constructor India

  • Pune, India
  • Construction, Real Estate, Location Based Services, Consulting, E-commerce

All new platform for making good changes in real estate and construction industry


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Team Summary

Team is of one member only and that's me akshay Bhalerao
I am an civil engineer and good knowledge about real estate sector and construction industry.I can handle all the operations regarding to the development of my start up.


Founding Team

Akshay Bhalerao


Product/Service Summary

Constructor India is proposed web or internet based startup helps to people related to the construction industry or the people who are coming in contact with the construction or the real estate industry. This startup is all about making an innovative change in the real estate and construction industry .We are construction services to the peoples.means if a person going to start a construction work they can all the information about constructional contractors so they can choose them according to their budget and can appoint them on their work.if a real estate development company or any construction company starts any project then they can invite proposal of workimg, improvised rates,laboring charges from the contractors so they can choose the suitable contractors and appoint them on their project.if there is any domestic maintenance or any construction work is going to happen and then the people can call labor by just coming on our website.

Product/Service Descriptions