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redBus for Corporate Commute. "Sector disruption without destruction"

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Anthahprerana Finalists | YourStory

Bit/Bit Solutions - Corpool was shortlisted among hundreds of applications for Anthahprerana - an annual contest conducted by TiE, Bangalore to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Dec 18, 2015


Team Summary

Passionate husslers trying to address daily commute woes for corporate employees.

We are a team of 3 aspirational entrepreneurs. We bring in the right mix of maturity, experience, knowledge, first hand exposure to the problem being addressed. We have over a decade of technical and business development experience in automotive embedded systems and enterprise mobility in leading MNCs.

Founder 3: Mr. Nithin S J (


    • Manoj Premanand

    • Co-Founder, COO

Product/Service Summary

CORPOOL – Simple and Easy Transportation for Corporate Sector

CORPOOL integrates with world class open source software and software providers like Google Maps, Google Calendar. The primary goal is to bridge a gap by making travel by buses a viable option for working professionals and eventually reduce the need to drive and worry about commuting

Based on the foregoing there is a need for a system and method for facilitating real-time transportation management over a network enabling transparency and operational insights.

- Our platform creates an ecosystem where the entire transport value chain is plugged in to provide data through mobile devices and web portals (capacity/demand/location/sector/time distribution/usability patterns... to name a few)

- This data aided with analytics will help juxtapose capacity and demand to streamline operations and make intelligent decisions

- The platform will be able to monitor parameters in real time and help make dynamic decisions

- Employee security, which at the moment goes unmonitored, will drastically improve till the last mile

- Flexibility in availing transport service to employees will be unlocked enabling ad-hoc travel request, ride based passes, one way rides etc. which currently is a huge roadblock for popularity

- The wasted capacity made available (with flexibility) to employees in need of it has a potential of taking about 100,000 vehicles off the roads per day

How are we different?

While authorities in cities are raking their brains to figure out how to handle traffic, our idea addresses the main reason of traffic, uses existing infrastructure and with little intelligent infused into the system unlocks a huge pocket of unused resource, which today is not utilized.

- Transport teams in companies are doing a fantastic job and cover the entire city better than public transport systems

- We work with them, tackle operation issues and enable them to increase their efficiency, empower them with data and bring transparency in operations

- We strive to structure the existing ecosystem rather than creating a new parallel infrastructure

- Exclusive access to fleet to ensure safety and security - giving insights to consumerism for organizations

- Existing operations will continue unless there is data to show need of more vehicles - which will arise only on demand

- User behavior analysis will help customize transport facilities to suit employees needs better, provide operational insights, forecast demand and balance capacities

- Provide a platform to plug-in and plug-out services through API Hub Management to Transport Service Providers and Corporations

- We aspire to *tackle the disease rather than the symptom* and work towards a long term - scale able solution

Product/Service Descriptions