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Building an online community to change learning and help students stay on track

Early Revenues

Startup Video



Started the company with 2 developers and a co founder



New Product Release

Launched the Crawded Mobile App during the Rise Conf. Hong Kong



Team Summary

Mayur Macwan : Founder and CEO : BS MIS from NJIT, Newark. Brief IT Career as BizTalk Integration Developer. Previous Ventures in Travel Technologies. Nitin Patel : CTO. : long 10 yrs experience setting up one of Vadodara's eminent Software Co. (Megh Techno)


    • Ronni Macwan

    • Head of Marketing

    • Nitin Patel

    • Co-Founder

    • Snehal Jaypal

    • Operations

Product/Service Summary

Social Learning Network for School Students. Crawded connects school students based on their learning preferences and allows them to share what they learn in an intuitive App using images, text or videos.

Students tend to learn better from each other. They speak each other’s language. A seventh grader generally learns better from somebody within the same age group.

Students Ask questions on Crawded to get instant help from other peer students on the network.

How are we different?

First to market for India. (There are only 2 more such networks exists on global scale Brainly and OpenStudy)
Social Media Experience - something that the students love to interact with.
Connections - students make new friends who can help them
Real Time Integration - with sources like Wolfram Alpha and YouTube
Content Recommendation - using AI to always suggest the most relevant next content

Product/Service Descriptions