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VisualShiksha adds videos on any notes / textbooks using augmented reality

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Team Summary

Neelesh(CTO) 16yrs experience in technology/digital space. Worked with Siemens, People Interactive. Responsible for development, deployment of App & identify technology/social trends
Rajnish(CMO) 20yrs of strong marketing experience incl. successful launch of brands. Previously COO of Paprika Media. Responsible for marketing, developing strategy


    • Rajnish Rawat

    • Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Product/Service Summary

Study at your pace with video lecture of your teacher explaining the topic while reading the text book at home.

Bring Visual Siksha App on top of the particular topic in the textbooks and it starts playing the video lecture of the teacher explaining that particular topic.

Student’s don’t need to move away from the textbooks to laptops to consume the content as it is delivered right from the textbook through our App on the phone.

Student can watch & listen to his teacher as many times and understand difficult concepts. This will lead to higher marks and lower dependence on tuitions.

How are we different?

All the players that are existing today in the market are providing solutions which are completely independent of the schools / colleges where the students are studying. We integrate the school / institute as a part of our service hence complementing the educational effort of the school / institute.

Here’s how our solution is distinguished from other players:
 First In Augmented Reality based Flipped Classrooms
o We are the first and only company currently who offers flipped classrooms / video lectures through augmented reality and image recognition

 With the Textbooks
o While all other solutions today are taking the students away from the textbooks, we are of the belief that textbooks are the best teachers
o The student needs to learn and be with the textbook to use our app

 Contextual Learning
o Today the students have to go watch a complete 15 minute video just to understand a 2 minute section from the video
o With our image recognition technology, we provide contextual learning solution where students can just watch that particular section

 No hardware dependency
o Though it is augmented reality, the app works on any android phone 4.2 and above
o Unlike some other solutions, the student’s don’t need to purchase any additional hardware such as a tablets, etc. to avail the solution
o It also does not need a superfast internet connection, the app works on any 2G network

 Larger Channels (B2B2C)
o While most competitors’ products are B2C, we work with the schools / institutes to reach out the students
o Since we complement the school’s / institute’s learning there is a lot of support from these institutes to push our product to their students

 Stronger Ecosystem
o Since the schools / institutes become an integral the part of our ecosystem, the trust amongst the students is much higher with the schools / institutes referring the solution

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