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  • Bangalore, India
  • Consumer Internet

For a significant some, pets matter. Demands are unmet; market is unorganized. We’ll change that.

Early Revenues

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Team Summary

Single person founder, 7 years corporate career and 4 years of working for/ part-of start-ups following that. Has an engineering degree in computer science and an MBA from IIMB. is his second venture. Passionate about pets; achieved the first 10 lakh of revenue single-handedly, profitably and with an investment of 3 lakh.


Product/Service Summary

In the form of loyal customers on our e-commerce portal, we are creating the largest community of addressable pet owners in our quest to ready ourselves for, as well as be the partial cause of the impending explosive growth in the pet care products market in India.

How are we different?

City-specific ops has given us a beachhead to stand-on. In-house delivery has ensured that shipping bulky kibble/litter is sustainable; a product group leading us to convenience-valuing, repeat customers. In a market with little place for multiple players, we are the first mover. >50% of the TG resides in 5 metros, making this a replicable model.

Product/Service Descriptions