Mystic Lotus & Dragonflies

  • Mumbai, India
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India's healing festival! Online, Onphone, Onground!

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Team Summary

Our collective work experience in Marketing Strategy, Digital Products, CRM, Sales spans more than 40 years right from our Mentor Satish Kapoor with his 30+ years with Tata Iron & Steel, Amrish Dudani with 17+ years in Digital functionalities, Neelu Bhandari with 5+ years in customer service and Nidhu Kapoor with 17+ years in Marketing


Founding Team

Nidhu S Kapoor


Product/Service Summary

A one stop shop/group/community for everything healing, healthy and happy! Be it services or products, we are the only platform of its kind in the world right now, adding our momentum to the healing wave across the globe with our events, webinars, seminars, tele summits , workshops, awards, website, mobile App, internet TV, internet radio...

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