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EIA collects & maintains records of an individual’s unrecorded Misconducts/Offences/BV at workplace

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Team Summary

Prasad Tataverty has experience in running start ups, in his last assignment he was Heading International Hiring for LEadership & Sales roles in Americas, UK & Europe for Tech Mahindra. Currently, he owns a startup butique search firm Renascence Talent Solutions since June, 2016, Renascence Talent caters to clients in India, North America, UK & Europe.


Founding Team

Prasad Tataverty


Founder & Director - Global Sales & Leadership Hiring (India, US, UK, Europe, Dubai & Singapore) @ Renascence Talent Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Renascence Talent Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (2016 - present)
Founder & Director - Global Sales & Leadership Hiring (India, US, UK, Europe, Dubai & Singapore)

Tech Mahindra (2014 - 2016)
Head - Global Sales and Leadership Talent Acquisition

Veritas Resource & Training Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (2009 - 2013)
AVP - International Hiring/Leadership Hiring (South East Asia, Dubai, US, UK & Europe)


Thomas International
Certificate in Thomas Personal Profile Analysis • 2012 - 2012

Carlton Advanced Management Institute, US (In Association with Middle Earth, India.)
Certified Compensation & Benefits Manager • 2009 - 2009

Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow
Human Resource Management

Product/Service Summary

Employee Information Agency is a web enabled platform which collects and maintains records of an individual’s (Employee) data or track record on Behavioral, Criminal, Financial and other misconducts reported by an employer. These go unrecorded currently.

The above information collected from the employers or relevant authorities/agencies will be used to create a detailed report, which will provided employers upon request to help them evaluate a individual for various purposes including hiring a prospective candidate or for assessing an internal employee.
EIA is created to provide critical information on misconduct by an individual at workplace or during professional interaction with organizations. This will ensure compliance in hiring right individuals or not hiring individuals with reported misconducts in his/her employment history.
We allow our members to have access to our database and search for information related to an individual’s misconducts at work place &/or BV.

Product/Service Descriptions