• Delhi, India


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Team Summary

Team consists of three co-founders namely: Bharat Garg, Satya Kaul and me. We all are from DTU and Bharat and me are pursuing mechanical engineering from there while Satya is a pass-out from that college from same department. Team also consists of 2 CTOs namely Shikhar and Shubham.


Product/Service Summary

Ednemo is going to be a platform, from where people can rent mobiles. People can rent it until they reach its cost price and then the mobile is theirs or if in case they dont like the mobile they can anytime return it to us while paying the rent. They can also buy mobiles and accessories of it from our website.

How are we different?

We are obviously different from all the existing players in the market as no one is providing the type of service which we are providing. So therefore, we are creating a market. This is type of service is quite popular in some developed companies like Australia, Germany and U.S and one example of it is T mobile which is well established in Germany.

Product/Service Descriptions