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All-access pass to gyms/fitness studios. Workout anywhere, anytime - gym, yoga, zumba, crossfit, MMA, etc. etc. In-app nutritionist + coach

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Team Summary

Akshay Verma
Educated at St.Stephen's College, Oxford and Columbia universities and having worked as an investment banker in London for c.4 years, Akshay chose to deep dive into entrepreneurial adventures c.4 years ago. Since then, Akshay has been consistently identified as a young business leader, and is frequently invited to top business schools such as London Business School, Oxford, Columbia, IIMs, XLRI, Symbiosis, etc. to share his experiences. A sportsman and debater in his university days, Akshay is a co-founder at FITPASS and is responsible for different aspects of product development, technology and corporate strategy.

Arushi Verma
With a post-graduate in Economics from the University of London and a bachelors (with honours) in Economics from Delhi University, Arushi worked for c.4 years at prestigious national and international organisations. Her personal journey inspired her to resign from the World Bank and launch FITPASS. Arushi leads product innovation, growth, supply chain and expansion strategy amongst other things at the company. She is committed to organising the fragmented health and fitness market in India and placing FITPASS at the epicenter of the ecosystem.


Founding Team

Akshay Verma


Team Members

Arushi Verma

Arushi Verma


Product/Service Summary

Do you pay for movies or haircuts in one go for the whole year? No you don't! So why should you pay the gyms for a year? Get FITPASS - your all access pass to gyms/fitness studios. Workout anywhere, anytime and pay for what you use. No long term contracts! In-app services include personal nutritionist support, A.I. led coaching plans and FITSHOP.

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