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We are the one stop shop for all your Fitness and training needs .

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Oct 06, 2016





Team Summary

The Team Consists Of
1) Karan Puthran
Has Over 5 Years of experience as a Recreational Bodybuilder and an avid Fitness Enthusiast . Has thorough experience and understanding of various Components and functioning of Fitness industry. Education - Management Degree From Christ University and certifications on Public Speaking . Highest Rated university Entrepreneurial Project For Cloud Virtual Assistant , Best University B Plan Project .
Role In the Company - Planning , strategising and execution of Strategies and Plans . ( Domain Expertise / Execution )

Suraj Dhonti - Has Degree in Computer Science , has Experience in Languages such as : C,C++, Python ,HTML & CSS, Javascript . Has Previosuly handled Projects for "Smart Automatic Watering System" and developed cloud based applications . Has experience in working with companies such as ABB .
Role in company : Handles all Technology platforms , development , maintenance and Upgrade . (Technology Expertise )


Founding Team

Fitness Enthusiast and Business Geek with a vision to change the way the world gets FIT !

Product/Service Summary

We offer wide range of services starting from
* Personal Trainers at home
* Dieticians with expertise in various areas of fitness .
* Training Centers Such as
1) Gyms
2) Yoga Centers
3) Sports Coaching Centers
4) Zumba and Dance Centers
5) Extreme Sports training such as Surfing and Parkour Centers .
6) Physiotherapists ( Clinics and Personal therapists )
7) Slimming Centres

We are the one stop shop for all fitness and training needs . Whatever it is that one feels they require to achieve their Fitness or Training Goals , they can find the best options closest to their location on our website and Mobile Application .

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