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Solving todays biggest problem. How do i get fit? Where can i find a trainer? Fitness for everybody.

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Revolutionising Fitness | Startup Life Story

Oct 21, 2016


Team Summary

Team Currently Consists of One Digital marketer and One website developer and Founder who plays the role of handling management of operations and sales .

Digital marketing is handled By Mr Zulquarnain who has experience in Managing Digital media and Drawing Leads successfully for Many companies prior using the Digital Landscape .

Web Development is Handled by Mr Jayanth who has singled handedly developed many Website and E-commerce platforms in the past and vastly experienced with the Programming language necessary to build the site .


Founding Team

Karan Puthran


Product/Service Summary

Solving todays biggest problem. How do i get fit? Where can i find a trainer? . Helping the society identify what they need to get fit and connecting them to the right professional .
A majority of the society is unable to get fit simply because they do not know how to . They are Unaware of the multiple options available to them that is according their BUDGET and INTERESTS . We help our customers in discovering and connecting with these options by Providing Consultation over the phone . These consultations are short brief and Aim at identifying the customers interests and gathering Requirements based on which options are sent to the Customer who they can Review and Connect with .

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