• Chennai, India
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FundMe will help people who are in need of financial requirements without opting for loans.

Beta Launched

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Team Summary

Nanda kumar- IT employee who has in belief of the saying "Be the change rather than expecting for a change"
Vinod Kambli- Ex IT employee who is no different from the earlier.
Mohan Kumar-Founder of eSoftCube technologies,Salem,TN. Developer of the prototype for this platform.


Product/Service Summary

FundMe is a dedicated crowdfunding platform for the benefit of people who needs financial requirements.
The requirements can be of many categories like arts, projects,health,rural development,environment,education etc.,FundMe basically believes in bringing the change to the society more than expecting huge profits like other crowdfunding platforms

How are we different?

Why FundMe?
1. Reach to both urban and rural people
2.Cross platform apps(IOS and Android) for FundMe, which will be the FIRST CROWDFUNDING APP IN INDIA .
3.Lower service tax.
4.Reducing the level of minimum amount for the donors to donate(In existing system, donors must donate a minimum of Rs.500 or 1000)
Many more features yet to be said

Product/Service Descriptions