Glorious Foods

  • Miami, USA
  • Food & BeveragesFood, Marketplace

Glorious Foods, a drive thru health food store offering a variety of healthy and convenient foods.


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Team Summary

Sherena Strong, BA, MBA and Realtor


Founding Team

Sherena Strong


Product/Service Summary

I plan to use the requested funds to start my health food store called Glorious Foods. I have had this vision for awhile and really want to get it opened for the new year. I have resources around who have retail experience, the business plan is in constant motion and the location is set. However, I need the financial funding to put the business in motion. For years, many around me have suffered with various health problems and I would hear that eating healthy is too expensive, taste nasty or just don’t know enough to get started. The niche to my business that will set me apart from the rest is the fact that I will provide inexpensive options working with local farmers, create my own tasty smoothies and simple/quick meal menu and it will be a drive-thru store for people on the go like mother’s on the go, such as myself, will be able to get healthy food options quickly.

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