Happe Nation India Pvt. Ltd.

  • Bangalore, India
  • Agriculture, E-commerce

Sabzemandi.com helps Indian farmers in discovering a fair price to their produce by e-auctioning.


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Team Summary

Our team has 6 members. All are engineers with an average experience of 8 years having a mix of experience from Software Engineering, Large and Small Scale manufacturing, Aircraft structures design and Academics. All are presently working with reputed organizations. The family background of our team is mainly agrarian, semi-agrarian and small businesses. Apart from our careers, it is worth mentioning that, we have a business experience of running a chain of internet café for 7+ years which we sold two years ago. From this we have learnt some of the invaluable entrepreneurial lessons. This common thread of entrepreneurial spirit binds us together.
It is our second venture for which we are pitching our idea.


Product/Service Summary

An e-auction platform, website and an app, for auctioning the agricultural produce. This reduces existing multi-layered opaque systems exploiting farmers.
Also, due to dearth of facilities, a complementary eco-system to facilitate e-auction will also created as Private market yards. Our earnings are commissions for the e-auction services.

How are we different?

We will provide an eco-system for the marketing of the agriculture produce on an e-platform. Other pre-market value addition, pre-market value addition and logistical support will be provided to the farmers which existing players are not providing.

Product/Service Descriptions