• Pune, India
  • ServicesLaundry, Mobile Commerce, Consumer Internet, E-commerce, Subscription Commerce

HelloDhobi is an on-demand laundry & dry cleaning service with a 24 hour turnaround time - the shortest in India.

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Team Summary

HelloDhobi is founded by Arman and Kunal who hold an undergraduate business degree from Symbiosis Pune and have an exceptional national/international track record. As students and young professionals, we have faced a multitude of problems while trying to get our laundry done and that is what prompted us to solve it for a demographic we understand.


Product/Service Summary

HelloDhobi is an on demand laundry and dry cleaning service with a 24 hour turnaround time - the quickest in India. We're creating the simplest and most convenient laundry experience in India with a focus on quality and customer service. We also provide commercial laundry services to SMEs.

How are we different?

Shortest turnaround time in India at 24 hours (competitors at 2-5 days). We’re focused on quality + customer service: our retention metrics prove our success (growth driven by repeat use & organic customer acquisition; NPS of 40+). We’ve developed sustainable unit economics, currently operating at 25% contribution margin and clear road map to 40%+.

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