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  • Bangalore, India
  • Retail, Consumer Internet, E-commerce

HomeConnectOnline.com ~Connecting to Life Style Services.

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Team Summary

* Founded by Naveen Lakkur, a serial entrepreneur is the CEO of HomeConnectOnline.com, A technopreneur and Specialist in Business Model Innovation.
* Co-founded by
~Ashwini Sharma, built the operations of HomeShop18
~Srinivas B, direct marketing specialist
~Shekar, heads operations and technology. Worked with Wipro
~Sundeep Dasa, heads alliances.


Product/Service Summary

HomeConnectOnline.com is an online marketplace for services bringing services and related products that a young householder would require for herself and for her family members. The online platform enables providers to showcase their services, engage with the consumer and track till fulfilment of service including collection of payment & feedback.

How are we different?

We asked 100's of young women as house-holders. They said, most of their household time goes in looking for the services that they need and to avail them. Currently they struggle.
We aggregate, segregate and connect local service providers and related products to the householder with the focus on Health, Wellness & Wellbeing. Creating Convenience!

Product/Service Descriptions