• Pune, India
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JUSTonRENT.com lets a person Rent and use furniture for a desired period of time without buying it.

Early Revenues

Startup Video



We started testing the concept of online Furniture Rentals



MVP Testing Over

Tested the concept over 4 months to check its viability and acceptance


Formal Launch

We formally launched JUSTonRENT.com with a step up in marketing efforts



Intern - Marketing & Operations Sales & Marketing, Operations
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Pune, India
Social Media, Digital Marketing, People Management

Job Description
Opportunity: Internship, Digital Marketing & Operations
Company: JUSTonRENT.com
Location: Pune
Date: Part Time, Immediate or Feb 16 onwards

JUSTonRENT.com is an ecommerce portal that functions in the Online Rental space. It lets a person rent furniture online. Customers select the furniture they need and the same is delivered to their homes.

Website: www.JUSTonRENT.com
FB: www.facebook.com/justonrent
Twitter: www.twitter.com/justonrent

If interested, email your CV at hello@justonrent.com or call on +91 9768 9168 62

Team Summary

As a bootstrapped startup, we are a team of two co-founders.

- Rahul M manages the online store, all marketing & operations for the company.
- Darshan S works part time and looks after finance.

Both the co-founders have a post graduate diploma in management from Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai and have worked in organizations including Globant, Clarice Technologies, Cognizant, Infosys, Persistent Systems and Emerson


    • Darshan Salgia

    • Co-Founder

    • Part time

Product/Service Summary

We offer Furniture on Rent to our customers in Pune.

Customers view, select and then order the products on www.JUSTonRENT.com. Once an order is received, we deliver the furniture to the customer and they pay a monthly rent amount. The customers can use it till they need and or chose to return the furniture after a minimum period of 3 months

How are we different?

We own the furniture we rent. This lets us control most aspects of the Customer Experience (CX) including Product features, Quality, Inventory, Pricing, Delivery, Marketing and logistics.

Our focus is on Pune which has the largest population of students and one of the largest populations of young or fresh graduates moving places for jobs.

Product/Service Descriptions