Jeevom Healthcare private limited

  • Noida, India
  • HealthcareHealth & Wellness, Big Data, CRM, Cloud Infrastructure, Data Analytics

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Team Summary

Yogesh Goswami (CEO) has a more than 22 years of an experience in large scale operation management , GTM
Strategies and business continuity planning
Sourabh Rastogi (CEO) has a more than 20 yrs of experience in mass consumer SW product architecture ,scalability planning and engineering management


Product/Service Summary

It integrates all stakeholders in holistics healthcare for families and a SW platform providing a comprehensive healthcare information management ,data analytics and collaboration capabilities to healthcare seeker and care providers

How are we different?

Jeevom provide various services like book appointment,online consulting & medics ,home care ,book lab tests online ,yoga & fitness,E-medical Records,CRM unlike its competitors provides limited services

Product/Service Descriptions