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One stop music solution.Music professionals design the music for your business & manage it remotely.

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Team Summary

Sunil Kumar (Founder & CEO) has been a profession DJ(DJeMGee) and an event consultant for venues, Sponsors and hotels for almost a decade.

Tyson Thomas (CTO)
The founding members all have entrepreneurial experience having built real businesses. Brief bios follow.
Tyson has been building full-stack cloud solutions for 4+ years and is the architect behind has JookeBox's robust, cutting edge IoT engine.

Dr Tej Pochiraju (Chief Sounding Board) has been building innovative hardware products for over a decade, has filed for 5 patents and worked with 150+ cos globally.


Founding Team

Sunil Kumar


Product/Service Summary

90% of the venues don’t know what kind of music works for their business or on what basis music should be planned.

Hiring a professional is really expensive and yet yields no guarantee of the right music being played at the venue.

Finally, staff and some demanding customers at venues are known to fiddle with the planned music playlists resulting in poor experience for most of the customers.

JookeBox solves these problems by providing professionally curated music to businesses through an IoT device that is as easy to use as a light bulb.

Music professionals at JookeBox understand the needs of a business and their customers before curating the music. This curated schedule is delivered to venues and updated regularly to ensure a seamless music experience throughout the year.

JookeBox is built on robust, state of art IoT technologies and provides a true ‘music as a service’ to businesses.

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