KrishiMax Fertigation Controller

  • Bhopal, India
  • Agriculture

KrishiMax Fertigation Controller boosts profitability in Micro Irrigation systems by upto 100%.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Promoter has rich experience of over 35 years in Tomato Processing, Soyabean Extraction, Civil Construction, Conformity Assessment and other diverse Business Consulting activities.


Product/Service Summary

KrishiMax Controller addresses a major gap in Indian farm sector and helps boost productivity by providing optimal nutrients and irrigation to crops through existing Micro Irrigation system. It reduces Plant mortality; Water, Power and Manpower requirement; Boosts Yield and Quality of Output; Reduces Nutrient requirement and Boosts Profitability.

How are we different?

There are no Remote access Programmable Controllers in the market with similar or comparable functionalities. Some time based programmable controllers are being marketed at INR 50K plus, whereas KrishiMax is estimated to be sold at about 10K per contrfoller.

Product/Service Descriptions