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Team Summary

.We are team of three people and are dedicated towards the development and success of the lawsolva platform.
Amandeep Kakkar- B.E , L.L.B
Paras Vij- B.E , M.E
Abhay panwar- B.E , M.E

After graduating as a computer engineer in 2012, Amandeep Kakkar started pursuing L.L.B from Panjab University. During his internship in 2013 at High court, Chandigarh, the engineer within couldn’t ignore the roof-touching piles of paperwork. In the coming days he realized that the only medium the client had to reach the lawyer was through references viz., lawyers, friends or relatives in court. A vital need of a digital platform to make the lawyer directly accessible to the client was felt .There had to be an ecosystem where hassle- free legal solutions could be provided and received.
The internship was over but the idea stuck. He discussed this thaught with, Paras Vij, a full time techie, during a weekend visit to Chandigarh. Initial brainstorming sessions led to the completion of the founding team. Abhay Panwar, who is techie too, an old pal from engineering college, was roped into the team. Further discussions led to the refinement of the platform which widened the scope of idea.

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Product/Service Summary

We provide swift and reliable legal solutions conveniently and efficiently from lawyers across the country on a single platform.Users can book preferred mode of appointment. We provide options of video ,voice and office meeting consultation.Users can also ask free legal questions at lawsolva "Alleys" and get response from multiple lawyers .

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