Manage Your Health Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  • Mumbai, India
  • HealthcareHealthcare Technology, Internet of Things, Analytics, SaaS

We will help millions get faster, accurate care at their finger tip. Democratizing Healthcare.

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Team Summary

KRUTIN, Head of Business
15+ years in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

SUVIR, Investor
10+ years in Banking

ANUJ, Head of Technology
30+ years in IT

DR.SAMBHAV, Head of Medical Content
A Spine Surgeon, worked across hospitals in 6 developed countries

VIVEK, Head of Marketing
Filmmaker with 17+ years of experience in marketing


Founding Team

Vivek Shah

Co-Founder, CMO, Business Development

Current - CMO @ Manage Your Health Technologies Past - Founder & Creative Head @ The Cutting Crew Past - Editor @ Prime Focus, USL, Pixion Studio

Dr. Sambhav Shah

Co-Founder, Head of medical content
Anuj Kapadia

Anuj Kapadia

Co-Founder, CTO

Product/Service Summary

Manage Your Health is a web & mobile based solution which let's connects PathLabs, Diagnostic Centres, Hospitals, Doctors & Pharmacies with Patients, Corporates & Insurance Companies.
Our domain expertise is in healthcare technological solutions, enabling faster, better hence accurate care to everyone.

Product/Service Descriptions