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Helping students discover 6X professional programs via 300+ Entrance Exams

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PHP Developer Software Engineer
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Delhi, India
LAMP, Zend Framework , PHP, MySQL and Apache

Job Description
There are new job openings in our company to help us build exciting technology platforms for the educational market. If you think you are strong in Zend framework and LAMP technologies, then this is a chance for you to prove it. In addition, you get to work amongst people who are busy designing cool stuff and where out-of-the-box thinking is encouraged.  
Basically,  we need someone who has worked on product or platform development with at least 2 years of experience and understands complexities of building new systems from scratch.  Did we mention that you will be working in a startup that is making rapid progress in offering innovative methods for parents, students and the schools benefit immensely.  Right now the openings will be based out of New Delhi.  
Some hygiene factors for the candidate we are seeking:
1. Candidates with a bachelors in engioneering or masters in computer applications from a recognized university
2. Entrepreneurship style. Can-do attitude
3. Solid technology knowledge and experience - (read paragraph above)
4. Hates the words ' The problem is ...'
If you are interested you can write to tarun at myexamplan dot com or you could helps us by forwarding it in your network.

Team Summary

2 member team.
Tarun Ravindran (Co-Founder) - 13+ years in technology. Served in startups, & large services co's. International experience + strong sales acumen. MBA (Smith's School of Business @ Queen's Univ, Canada)
Neelesh Budhiraja (Co-Founder) -20+ years experience in IT Services, Education & Training. Served in key techno-commercial positions in intnl business.


Product/Service Summary

MyExamPlan delivers 6X career awareness by offering personalized online service packages to schools and individual students around discovery & tracking of 300+ entrance exams.

How are we different?

1. We address a high anxiety driving topic in an effective manner with proven model for monetization
2. MyExamPlan plays in a Growing Market - Increasing Gross Enrollment Ratio in senior secondary schools plus growing aspirations ensures strong demand
3. Our packaging helps schools in generating goodwill that makes it a compelling proposition

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