PawInnn - Pet 'N Play 'N Earn

  • Bangalore, India
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AirBNB for dogs and cats. The future of pet sitting is here.


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Team Summary

1. Suvendu Praharaj - B. Tech in Computer Science and MBA from NMIMS (Pursuing), 8 years of experience in various MNCs such as Wipro, Accenture and Aconex.
2. Avik Ray - B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering, 10 years of vast experience in Sales and Marketing with BlueStar, Saint Gobain and USG Global.
Bounded by common love of pets


Product/Service Summary

A marketplace for connecting the pet parents (dogs and cats) to eligible, certified and trained pet sitters (professional and in-house) in India. The pet-sitters can either sit the pets in their houses or at pet parents house. The platform gives hosts complete control, from setting their own rates, deciding what size and type of dogs to host

How are we different?

1. Video enabled profiles for premium pet - sitters
2. Locate pet-sitters to sit pets either at their home or pet parents home.
3. Automated and Timely update of pets through pet cams.
4.Pet Insurance cover for the pets booked on the site.
5. International standard training for new and existing pet-sitters
6.Emergency Vet accessibility

Product/Service Descriptions