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Pipecast is video project collaboration and streaming platform.

Beta Launched

Startup Video


First Product Released

We released Pipecast Stream



New Product Release

Pipecast Colab - New Version Released




Team Summary

Two childhood friends started PipeCast. Amit Rai (age 26 ) and Rajesh Raikwar (age 26) this journey.


    • Rajesh Raikwar

    • Co-Founder

Product/Service Summary

Pipecast is video project collaboration and streaming platform. We have built two products integrated in one platform

We have launched beta version of 'Pipecast Stream' and 'Pipecast Colab' .

Pipecast Stream is video platform to host, watch & discover original video content ( Web Originals) like online show, series, documentary available only on internet. http://pipecast.in

Pipecast Colab "COLAB" a video collaboration platform for creators integrated with streaming platform. It is now 2000+ creators community with 170+ ongoing ( under production ) video projects and it is growing day by day. http://colab.pipecast.in

Here at PipeCast, we are building a product ecosystem, a product platform for viewers & creators which helps creator to create video projects & connect them directly to viewers to build initial viewership & fanbase. We want to build an personalized online alternative of traditional advertisement based Cable TV & Ad based OTT. No More Ads Model, It sucks !

How are we different?

Most of developing nation, there is no stable ad-free product (platform ) for paid and unpaid video content distribution for long length content which focused only on new original format content like series or documentary ( season 1 ). Quality content that are at pilot stages/season-one or first time produced and looking to build viewership.

We have high end content delivery platforms which only focused on high profile creator's content or proven content and we have free video platform for lower end video creators who do not have resource to create quality content. But middle layer, where small production have skills & resource to produce high quality pilots-season1 which can become something big. We focused on that Middle Layer.

There is no platform to connect video creators , creative professionals and sponsors(funding). Our product Colab is first in this category. Colab is video project collaboration online platform which helps creators to build team, resource and funding.

Product/Service Descriptions