• Pune, India
  • Social Impact, Education, Stock Market

mystocklive.com - e-Infotainment platform to enrich & empower lives of atleast 85M people globally

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Game Developer Software Engineer
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Pune, India
adobe indesign, 2-6 years, Browser & Mobile Game Development

Job Description
Develop the game as per the design, should be compatible with multiple browsers, Android OS versions, IOS versions & Windows versions

Team Summary

Hrushikesh(CEO) work ex of 16 yrs in 15 countries in IT & ITES in senior capacity. Other team comprising of highly skilled JAVA developers & financial experts. Collective experience of 45+ yrs


Product/Service Summary

Innovative e-learning & infotainment platform for stock market. Proprietary algorithm provides recommendations. Virtual stock trading platform. Can be expanded globally

How are we different?

Propitiatory Algorithm which can be scaled globally. for stock recommendations.
Innovative stock market game.
e-Infotainment platform.

Product/Service Descriptions