QOMA Enterprises

  • Delhi, India
  • Design, Fashion, DIY, Umbrella, E-commerce

QOMA offers umbrellas that speaks loud then the dull black umbrellas, it stands out from the crowd.

Proof of Concept

Startup Video



Team Summary

Ashvina and I have have been in B2C set-up and have worked in various tedious projects. So the experience certainly boosts our abilities in the strategic execution. I have worked for International brands like Barclays PLC and Hewlitt Packard and have experience in sales and admin management for over 6 years.


Product/Service Summary

Gone are those days when Umbrellas were just considered as an item used for protection from scorching sun, heavy rainfall or deep snow fall. Fashionable umbrellas are now used as an add-on to the overall appearance of the individual carrying it.
We offer new prints which are revolutionary and have customization options.

How are we different?

We are different in every aspect. No competitor in our major customer base market as no such umbrella (different in its looks and quality) exists. The umbrellas sold now are decades old in design and prints. From its inception we are for sure to bring a revolutionary change in the umbrella industry in India as this is an untouched area of commerce.

Product/Service Descriptions