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Sleepy bedtime reader or a bookworm, we have just the plan for every reader.


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Team Summary

Darshan Deodhar: Currently being in entirely concept stage, I am the only one. I have experience in selling end to end automotive solutions, I'am an avid movie follower and casual reader. I love traveling and this is where this idea struck me.


Product/Service Summary

A few years back, one needed to go to a local bank for money or had to visit a shop for pair of jeans but in today's age all this (and some more) can be done sitting in your living room hardly moving a muscle. This brings me back to my topic, if schools and banks can be replaced virtually then why can't we replicate a library online.

How are we different?

There are options available today to access all kinds of books online. But you need to buy every book that you want to read. On the other hand where free books are available, it mostly includes classics or cheap rip-offs. I wish to address this potential opportunity in distribution of eBooks via an online replica of traditional library.

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