Parth Bhalla

  • Delhi, India
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A promise to serve consumers and empower retailers, thus creating the most fulfilling and superior shopping experience like never before.

Proof of Concept

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Registered as Retello Pvt. Limited



Prototype Ready

Version 1 ready and is in testing. Version 2 is in adv. development stage.



Team Summary

Founder & CEO - Parth Bhalla
Parth was born and raised in Delhi. He graduated with an impressive score from H.R College, Mumbai, with a finance degree. Simultaneously he studied the Global Financial Markets Professional course at the BSE Institute. Both courses contributed immensely to the prudent business sense Parth possesses today. He had the opportunity to gain more exposure during his short but insightful time spent working at Goodlife Education. Parth’s internship at Dolat Capital taught him plenty about finance & judgement.
Born into a Retail family, Parth witnessed a number of challenges that came with it. Like the tension created as competition from E Commerce increased at an alarming rate. Observing these hurdles from a first-hand perspective, Parth believed he was in the right position to create a platform that was attractive & adaptable to Retailers. In addition, he also realized the need for a unified platform that would allow the retailer-consumer relationship to thrive.


Product/Service Summary

Our goal is to improve ones overall shopping experience by saving the precious time and money of the consumer and empowering the retailer. We have created a model of a digital marketplace to help us achieve this. It is an effort to unite and empower the ‘retail fraternity’ by enhancing their existing retail skills. We assist them in integrating and organizing themselves so they can successfully reach out to their customers through our digital platform.

How are we different?

Retello is the retail revolution we've all been waiting for. It is a platform that sets forth to automate and organize a retailer for today and the future. The team at Retello empowers retailers in the simplest, most efficient and most intelligle way to come online, reduce risks and increase their ROI. Our promise to consumers is the ultimate gamified and simplified shopping experience through our carefully created social media platform. We guarantee product availability, amazing deals, a place to share your views and plenty more! This is the first platform that cares about the consumer-retailer relationship and assists both! Now you can shop and sell like never before, for this is the app where thoughts become things.

Product/Service Descriptions