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Grow More Fish With Less Water &Land with Minimal Investment.Enhances Productivity & Profitability.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Rawnsley Syiem present owner of a fabrication unit and a co-owner of Sawaiom Agro. Exp-10yrs
Rudy Kharmawphlang currently running a transportation unit and Owner of Sawaiom Agro.
Exp: Customer service, Insurance, Banking, Computers etc.


Founding Team

Rudy Kharmawphlang


Rawnsley Syiem


Product/Service Summary

RAS overcomes two key aquaculture challenges: limited water availability and buildup of toxic ammonia (excreted by the fish). The system biologically treats the water used to eliminate the ammonia buildup and oxygenates the water. This substantially cuts the amount of water needed. By enhancing water conditions, the system improves the overall ability of the fish to survive, grow, and reproduce, which significantly increases profitability and sustainability.

System Technical Specs:
80-micron mechanical filter
CO2 stripper & O2 enrichment
Water flow rate up to 70m3/h
Treatment capacity: 30kg of feed per day (45% protein)
Our proprietary substrate enables us to: Our proprietary substrate enables us to:
Reduces water use by 85%
Increases fish yields
Upgrades existing facilities
Small footprint, low maintenance
Low energy consumption
Plug & play - easy set-up
Suitable for different water salinities and for fish or shrimp
Low-cost even for limited budgets
Low maintenance
Small Footprint

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