• Ahmedabad, India
  • Platform as a Service, E-commerce, Location Based Services, Marketplace

ServiZon is an Amazon of Services @ variable pricing. if u hv less demand/ less customers for a day, lower the price. and vice versa.

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Team Summary

Myself - Jitendra Pareek - 7 years of experience in Media and Luxury Sales, have worked with Times Of India, Dainik Bhaskar, and Lodha Group. BSc (Electronics) from St Xaviers, PGDBM - Marketing. Avid reader, aspiring & actioning entrepreneur, good contacts/resources being in media industry and luxury sales, highly ambitious and passionate.

Nikita Khubchandani Pareek- 7 years of experiences in finance and legal dept. worked with Torrent Power (HO). MBA - from No.1 business school of Gujarat - BK School of Business Mgmt, intelligent, smart, immensely knowledgeable in finance and legal field.

I can take care of Sales, marketing and business development
Nikita can handle operation, finance and legal issues.


Product/Service Summary

Any Service is a perishable thing.So our Company makes sure that Services are fully utilized and all services get maximum customers.

So ServiZon is "Amazon" of Services @ variable prices.
Its a marketplace of services. SPs like Carpenter, Int designers, docs,etc can vary their prices acc to demand of their services so that service doesnt perish

How are we different?

there are few marketplaces for Services like urban clap. However ServiZon aims to make sure that services dont perish. With the concept of variable pricing, users will get the best prices on our platform.
For eg, if has carpenter doesnt have any customer (or low customers) today, he can lower his service charges for that day..Rating optn also thr.

Product/Service Descriptions