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Shanon Education Services Pvt Ltd stands strong in our belief of providing top class programs.

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Dec 31, 2015


Shanon Education Services Pvt Ltd was launched !



New Product Release

On this day we launched Japanese, Chinese & Korean languages training.




Team Summary

Our teachers and lecturers are carefully selected to ensure that their values and characters reflect that of the Company. We will teach all languages using only trained native speakers so as to ensure the quality of our programs. We will recruit and retain only the best educators in their respective fields by constantly evaluating our trainer's skill and attitude.

For the students' optimum classroom interaction and learning, we will maintain an appropriate teacher-to-student ratio of no more than 20:1, thus providing the best opportunity for student-teacher and student-student collaboration.


    • Beimy Jean

    • Full time Trainer

    • Sampada Moghe

    • Trainer

    • Part time

    • Annapurna

    • Academic Counsellor

Product/Service Summary

Set up in 2014, Shanon Education Services Pvt Ltd has grown business to include 3 areas of skill trainings:
• Language Instruction
• IELTS Preparatory Classes
• Corporate Training Programs
Shanon Education Services Pvt Ltd is in the business of training and language instruction is one of our main core activities.

How are we different?

All courses and syllabus will be constantly reviewed and restructured to keep up with our ever changing environment. We will also continue to add new courses in to keep up with training requirements of tomorrow's individuals, corporations and institutions.We constantly observe, assess and upgrade our physical set-up to provide a pleasant training.

Product/Service Descriptions