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Startup Starter's is abt helping startup's in the areas of HR and TechSupport..We are for Startups.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Myself Venukumar, I worked as a web designer, Administrator, Recruiter in Companies. I have been In the IT Field for past 6 years or so....
Coming to my Other twm member, MOUNIKA is working as a tech support executive for an MNC and in past worked as an Executive for a company.. She is very good at phone and TechSupport...
More coming soon


Product/Service Summary

Startup Starter's is a One Stop Solution for Startups.. We are into providing TechSupport and HR Assistance to startup's.. We are looking to raise funds ranging between 200k to USD 1 MN.

How are we different?

So, as you know, everybody wants to Startup these days.. Even we wanted to... In a different way rather... We are for Startups.. We will be doing HR assistance and help build their team...
We are also in providing TECH Support to them for very reasonable prices.. As Startups need Support..
We are going live in coming days...#OneStopShop

Product/Service Descriptions