• Bangalore, India
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Tatkaldeals is a last minute deals mobile application platform helps service provides to sell unsold inventory (perishable) to reduce loss


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Team Summary

Ravi Kumar Joshi has done MBA from Bangalore University and have around 15 years experience in the field of sales and marketing in the industries like financial services, IT and HR .
entrepreneurship is in My DNA and I keep trying one or the other ventures


Founding Team

Ravi Kumar Joshi


Product/Service Summary

"Tatkaldeals is a mobile app platform which helps service provider to sell their unsold inventory which are perishable in nature at greater discounts to consumers who are last minute decision makers or unorganized people at last minute in order to minimize losses"
Let me explain with an hypothetical example
A Hotel which has around 100 rooms on a particular date owner of that hotel realizes that only 70 rooms have been booked and rest 30 rooms are going to be vacant unoccupied . For him fixed cost such as Hotel building rent,staff salaries, electricity... etc expenses are going to remain same and cost of these 30 unoccupied rooms he will have to bear the losses.
For this problem faced by service provider he has no option to sell these unsold rooms to recover losses. We have identified this problem and decided to provide some kind of solution through Tatkaldeals.
In this above example Hotel owner uploads these vacant rooms in Tatkaldeals app with huge discounts and get them occupied.

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