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TheChairr announced the launch of its beauty, grooming and wellness services website in India! | All In Latest News

This first-of-its-kind website lets users discover their ‘next look’ or ‘next experience’ based on the past work of service providers and not just prices.

Jul 29, 2016


Why Discounting Was Never A Good User Acquisition Strategy for Startups | Entrepreneur,com

Everyone is now talking about ‘Startup Valuation’ and how the same millennial kids have incorporated unicorn companies. Let’s understand Startup Valuation to gain a fair understanding of the subject.

Jul 27, 2016


We’ve learnt to be patient with things... |

TheChairr is a tech based beauty, grooming and wellness business head quartered in Mumbai. This first of its kind website lets users discover their ‘next look’ or ‘next experience’ based on the past work of service providers and not just prices.

Jul 16, 2016


This first of its kind website lets users discover their ‘next look’ | IIFL

The look good and feel good trend in India’s youth, comprising 53 percent of the total population according to NSDC India Report, is leading to an exponential growth of the beauty and wellness market.

Jul 12, 2016


This web service allows you to search for your preferred salons | Mid-Day

Deciding on a haircut has always been a challenge for the reporter, more than choosing doughnut flavours. The reporter has always wished there was a way to keep up with the latest trends than staring at a guy with a cool haircut..

Jul 09, 2016


It takes a few years of hard work to become an overnight success | Yo! Success

TheChairr caters to beauty and lifestyle sector allowing users to connect and see the work done at their nearest beauty parlor, unisex salon, ...

Jul 06, 2016


For These Founders, The Startup Idea Was Just Outside The Coffee Shop | Entrepreneur,com

Motivated by the immense scale of India's unorganized operations, Bhavyassh Agarwaal was always inclined towards working on something big and making a larger difference in the ...

May 25, 2016


Innovative Startup for the Well Being: | SME Streets

This is the era of innovation in business. Those who manage to innovate will succeed. Among innovative league of businesses, is a new name. Founded by Bhavyassh Agrawaal and Ebrahim Ishaq- has started it's business...

May 06, 2016


TheChairr is covered in StyleSpeak magazine! | StyleSpeak Magazine

Oct 10, 2015


Tips to engage customer while taking services |

Keeping customer engaged by pampering them with in-between services is the sure-shot way used by salon and spa professionals. Here are some latest tips to keep your client happy while waiting for next therapy or service...

Jul 17, 2015


Team Summary

The founders Bhavyassh Agarwaal and Ebrahim Ishaq have been friends for almost a decade now and thats what makes for great partners. They’ve got their individual expertise, which fit in together to complete the puzzle.
Bhavyassh Agarwaal has completed his MSc in Logistics & Supply Chain Management from Cranfield University, UK. He’s worked in England, UAE and India orchestrating global supply chains. His hunger is to process processes to perfection and the scale of India’s unorganized operations motivates him.

Ebrahim Ishaq did his MSc in Marketing from Leicester University, UK. He’s experienced in the Hospitality Industry for the last 5 years. His hunger is to build a business empire from scratch and the size of the population to serve is what motivates him. Motivated by the immense scale of India’s unorganized operations.


Founding Team

Ebrahim Ishaq


Product/Service Summary

TheChairr ♦ Get there differently, every time!, Andromeda Tech’s flagship product is a curated content discovery website, which promises to
help users find only "The Best" service providers for a great beauty, grooming and wellness experience.

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