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Introducing Trabaajo, we help companies to save time & money up to 70% in their recruitment process

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Team Summary

About Arun Kumar – Founder and CEO
Arun Kumar is the Founder and CEO of “Trabaajo –Smart Recruiting” a Xenture Technologies initiative which is the first of its kind mobile application for job search and recruitment facilities at all positions across the globe. Arun aims to create a revolution in the recruitment industry and desires to help job seekers globally by providing them a platform like Trabaajo. He aims to create a new segment in smart recruitment.
Arun is a graduate from Annamalai University, he has previously worked with Accenture Services Private Limited and Seaton Corp. Arun is the mastermind behind the complete idea of building a product like Trabaajo . He handles client acquisitions, product development, technology, operations and branding of the product at Trabaajo.
About Sunaina Agarwal
Sunaina Agarwal, a young entrepreneur hails from the North Eastern region of India- Meghalaya, Shillong. She is the Executive Director & Promoter of “Trabaajo – Smart Recruiting”, a Xe


Founding Team

Arun Kumar


Sunaina agarwal


Product/Service Summary


Trabaajo is a Xenture Inc Initiative. We are looking to raise investment and that is the reason for this mail.
Recruitment is an expensive proposition for any company in terms of cost and time. Coupled with geographical location constraint and fraudulent candidate and CVs make it is a high-cost centre.
The main pain point we solve is helping companies recruit smartly and effectively. At Trabaajo, we have one of the world’s largest databases of jobs and job-seekers on one platform. We gives both the candidates and companies the option to simply recruit anyone, just anyone, across the globe with just the click of an option on the application through video call, and well if they are busy, don’t worry, one can always reschedule the interview with your potential candidates/companies.
What we offer is :
1. Complete Resume ( detailed )
2. Skill and Aptitude based hiring
3. A Background Verification certificate
4. Best match to the job description posting.
5. Lowest cost of US$1.00

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