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WisQo educate entreprenuers to integrate IoT into their business. WisQo provide one stop solutions.

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Team Summary

WisQo team was set up in Jan, 2014. With limited resources, team has developed several IoT products and commercialized them in to market. Team has developed own electronics module, Node.js server, Amazon & Google APIs and other IoT related technologies.

YANG WENXN Founder,NTU EEE. Yang has many years of experience in M&E industry.

Edmond Dong Co-founder,Master ZheJiang U,Product managers. Edmond has years of experience in project management.

J H Chen Partner-Electronics. Chen has developed several electronics products and sold in Europe

Karl Zhou Partner- Cloud. Karl develop WisQo Cyan Cloud with JavaScript including NPM. Karl is software engineer who has developed software compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

H Y Liang Partner – Structure. Liang has developed battery free structure for WisQo products which are selling in Europe.

Jet Qin Parter- marketing. Jet has years of experience in customer behaviors.


Founding Team



Product/Service Summary

WisQo is a local startup IoT firm. WisQo dedicate to transform Mechanical & Electrical industries with IoT technology. With WisQo, industrial players do not need IT and electronics engineers to upgrade their products to smart products to capture more market shares.
WisQo intent to be leading IoT control platform & building big data analysis platform in future.

By achieving goal, WisQo has following strategies:
Getting more partners: Free IoT strategy consultation for building industrial players
Develop smart products for industrial partners: WisQo Electronics + Cloud+ Web+3rd party APIs(Amazon&Google) with low cost and risk.
Assist marketing for industrial partners
With plenty of products in WisQo platform, WisQo offer building monitoring software for building owners (Basic Free + Pro SaaS)
With data collected, WisQo will carry out big data analysis & prevention advise for building owevers. (Paas)
WisQo offer low cost hardware & software maintenance service to partners.

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