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It will help 1 Million users/year to take care of health and their treatments by doctor.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

I'm a software developer and having experience in all product/service related technologies and I also have enhanced my business, managerial, analytical and marketing skills to achieve potential goals.


Product/Service Summary

Created a system in all platforms (Mobile/Tablet App, Website, desktop app) for the peoples related to health care like doctor, patient, etc to have 100% pure medications without having any trouble by real time problems. In fact, we resolved all real time problems that are faced by doctors and their patients.

How are we different?

As we have a mission to get rid of all bluff n fraud in health care domain as in current scenario by taking consideration of all people at each stage. And as this system is introduced for the first time in India and there is no other competitors at this stage, we have full faith on our courage and dedication.

Product/Service Descriptions