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WEcarriers is a crowd sourced platform for parcel senders and travelers to help each other by sharing.

Proof of Concept

Startup Video



BMC software India's first Supernova Himanshu telling about BMC and his idea | BMC communities

Awesome Org brings to life the idea of an Intra Social Portal submitted by Himanshu Singhvi.

Dec 01, 2015


Himanshu as a participant in India's first APP Reality show | Himanshu Singhvi

Himanshu was part of India's first APP based reality show. He presented his idea of SAR tracker in maiden show's 2nd episode. His idea was well received and acknowledged.

Mar 20, 2013


We launched WEcarriers.com for all to sharing and caring for each other.




Team Summary

Himanshu has been associated with various startup activities and given a lot of ideas at college and BMC software,where he became First SuperNova. Prasad has been a tech enthusiast from beginning, he has built IIT Jodhpur's website and an APP for bus schedule. Ravi has great analytical and problem solving skills with cool,dedicated and sharp mind.


Product/Service Summary

WEcarriers is a crowd-sourced parceling Eco system where people help and get help by sending and carrying the parcels. WEcarriers.com provides a platform where travelers and sender share their journey info and parcel info respectively so that they can find each other based on their requirements of city, parcel, delivery time and price.

How are we different?

We are different from courier services as we value the individual parcel and don't wait for bulk order. Presently couriers services don't deliver parcels to particular region until they have good number of deliveries in those areas, which results in delay and also if not delaying then its too expensive. We are economic and relatively quick enough.

Product/Service Descriptions