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  • Ghaziabad, India
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Clubbing is the new cool. Download the app and get to the club. May be you find someone on the app if you are alone this time.

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A dating app that let's you stare to find the right date. | Product Hunt

We are the first Indian Dating App to be featured on Product Hunt.

Oct 15, 2015


Team Summary

Navneet Sharma (Founder and CEO) insane about user experience.
Basant Sharma (Co-Founder and CTO) bringing in 10 years of experience. Worked in Ansus on OpenText.
Harsh Sharma (Co-Founder and Mobile Architect) is a genius at work and knows what he is doing.


Founding Team

Product/Service Summary

Yocty is about making connections. We give clubs our platform where they can reach their targeted customer again once they leave the club. For people it is not possible to talk to everyone in the club, so there are a lot of missed connections moreover the fear of rejection takes over them. So everyone in the club will be on the app and reachable.

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