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  • Hyderabad, India
  • HealthcareHealthcare Technology, Medical, e-health, E-commerce, Location Based Services

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Team Summary

A Dash Of Creativity. A Tinge Of Awesomeness. A Tinge Of Geeky Likes, and A Pinch Of Nerdiness. That is what we are made up of. A group of graduates from our respective schools, willing to put our efforts into bridging the gap between humans and the cyberspace, and a zeal to accomplish our goals,all with your support. Yes! you read it right, we nee


Founding Team

Team Members

Vinay Puppal

Vinay Puppal

Vivek Mudadla

Vivek Mudadla

Data Mining And Social Publicity
Shivam Bedar

Shivam Bedar

UI/UX Designer

Product/Service Summary

E-Health, that is what we termed the work we do. Our main focus is on providing location based medical services either in the form of nearest pharmacy stores or the nearest available doctors as per your location. Our work helps to buy medicines with the click of a button and also book an appointment with a doctor of your choice, at ease, we promise

Product/Service Descriptions