AbracaDabra Software Solutions

  • Nashik, India
  • EducationEducation Technology

we develop magical apps and games. 25 apps - 50000+ downloads, 5 min avg time spent,2000+ user/week

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Team Summary

We are small team of 4 junior Engineers and 1 Senior Engineer. we have knowledge across all 3 major computing platforms


Product/Service Summary

We devised a platform which caters the need of any student across the globe using any language. Average student need to learn 10 -20 books per year. Each book has 70 - 80 topic, Our App - 'BookIndexToVideoList' scans the index and outputs the related videos on each topic. One can completely learn the entire book by viewing videos in 20 - 25 hrs.

How are we different?

There is no such light weight tool available to understand about any and every subject within such a small time. Lots of educational or e-learning companies offers solutions but they are more costly. It is the obvious tool student of any age, sex, language should have

Product/Service Descriptions