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Actozen is the engagement platform for doctors to enhance the level of care at every step in the patients treatment cycle.

Early Revenues

Startup Video



The Idea came up when I was taking care of my grandmother |

Jul 01, 2015


Officially launched



New Product Release

Launched a clinic appointment booking system. Premium for doctors



New Product Release

New website with features such as a query system added. Mobile responsive.



Startup Marketer Sales & Marketing
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Delhi, India
Business Development, , Passionate Salesman, Digital marketing, Startup Guy

Job Description
As a startup, we can promise that you will be working on more things than what this section can list. To give you an idea, here is what we primarily want from you: 
 1. Command over the product - You will be interacting with doctors and patients and you have to know what we represent and are building Actozen for.  
 2. Maintaining relationships - whether you set them up or inherit them.  
 3. Passion for healthcare - whether it is improving the lives of people or improving the efficacy of doctors 
 4. Teamwork - individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds.  
If you are applying, we want you to get a better understanding of what we do (point 1 ofcourse) so go through our product and tell us how to improve it. We will have something new to talk about during your interview. 

What are we looking for?
We are looking for a skilled communicator who enjoys interacting with people on a daily basis. Someone who truly loves that will understand that not every interaction goes down the same road so here are things we will look for: 
1) Startup Mentality - David v/s Goliath, The Underdog, Never say die spirit 
2) Perseverence - Rome wasn\'t built in a day and we are building Rome. 
3) Hustle - You can prove that you can get the job done 
4) Leadership - if you are checking off the three points above, then you\'ve got to have it in you to lead. 
We are a young company that provides not just a platform, but the resources and technology for people across the world to manage their health online. Currently, we bring together patients and healthcare providers and enable them to engage, consult, network, and discuss just about anything on health and wellbeing. 

You will be using a spectrum of resources to market the product, both online and offline. 

Front-end Developer and Designer Software Engineer
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Delhi, India
HTML 5, CSS3, Java Script, AngularJS, Angular JS, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap

Job Description
The main task of the front-end programmer will be to work towards taking Actozen further. We are talking about a desktop app, phone-gap implementation, designing etc. 

The app will be an HTML5 based app and the understanding of HTML technologies is a must for the programmer. In addition, knowledge of Javascript is very important. We mean Angular JS, JQuery UI, JQuery, Node.js and other frameworks. 

The candidate should be able to create a JS framework which we can use to validate input and control interactions between different sections in the pages of the website. CSS and HTML along with knowledge of Twitter bootstrap or Foundation framework is what we are looking for. 

To reiterate:

We want someone who is itching to work with a startup and is hungry for knowledge and success
Proven expertise in Javascript (Angular JS, Jquery UI, JQuery)
Excellent knowledge of HTML5 and CSS 3
Twitter Bootstrap or Foundation framework
Show good work

Team Summary

We currently have a team of 7 people and are expecting to add 2 more in the coming 4 months. The entire technology team is in-house (4) and the rest form the marketing team. We now have a marketing manager who handled Corporate communications (South West Asia) for Coca Cola earlier.


Founding Team

Pranay Choudhry

Founder, Marketing

Actozen (2014 - present)
Founder & Marketing Lead

Trillium Holdings (2010 - present)
Business Development

CBRE (2011 - 2012)
Senior Associate


Queens University
Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Commerce • 2004 - 2009

Rick Hansen Secondary School
High School Diploma • 2002 - 2004

Springdales School
1993 - 2001

Vaibhav Kaushal

Vaibhav Kaushal

Co-Founder, Technology Lead

Product/Service Summary

We are positioned as an engagement platform for patients and doctors. Actozen enhances the level of care provided at every step in the recovery cycle.
1) Convenient followup with doctors on multiple online and offline channels
2) Helping doctors be organised and accessible
3) E- Health Records
4) Health network information and patient support

Product/Service Descriptions