Advenio TecnoSys

  • Chandigarh, India
  • Healthcare, Social Impact, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics

i-Check will help 400 million people to avoid blindness by early screening of retinal abnormalities

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Advenio is a team of technology led social entrepreneurs focused on equitable healthcare. Advenio team has extensive experience in designing and developing of CAD algorithms and solutions of high quality. Advenio brings strong expertise in image processing, medical image processing and artificial intelligence.


Product/Service Summary

We develop artificial intelligence based computer assisted diagnostic solution for clinical images. Our innovation is end-to-end eye-care solution for point-of-care diagnostics and early screening. It consists of - a portable, low-cost connected device and supporting diagnostic software to address shortage of clinicians in resource limited setting

How are we different?

The device developed by Advenio combines the features of portability and ease-of-use with accurate diagnosis across the most prevalent eye ailments. The use of a connected device, like a smartphone, helps extend the usage to remote geographies where the diagnosis can be conducted by a semi-skilled healthcare worker with minimal training.

Product/Service Descriptions